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The Ultimate Protein Supplements Guide and How to Use Them


Grab yourself a cup of coffee (or tea if you are tea person), relax and get ready. Cause we will cover pretty much everything in this post that you are wondering about protein supplements. And on following posts, we will go even deeper some specific product that you can benefit.

First of all, I will say the most important thing about protein supplements: They are not drugs or juice that will make you Arnold or some crazy cross fit champ overnight. So if someone asks you this question: “Hey bro, are you natural or did you make those with protein supplements?” you are supposed to run away from that person as fast as you can. These supplements are made from natural nutrients we eat on daily basis.

And secondly, I never encourage people to use protein supplements, or any supplements at all. Always try to get your protein, fat, and carbs from whole, unprocessed foods. IF there is no chance to do it, then you may consider using a protein supplement. But you have to educate yourself first on how to use and what to expect. Luckily you are in the right place

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Get In Shape Fast: 5 Things You Can Do In Your Busy Life

You want to get in shape but you work really long hours, don’t you?

From eight at morning to six at evening, most of us work hard to maintain our lifestyle.

It usually sucks, especially if you don’t like your job or your coworkers, because you see the face of your colleague more than your husband or your boyfriend/girlfriend. And it is not a thing you can change, at least in the near future.

But what bothers you more than anything is that you are losing the shape of your body and your health. You can’t find the time to prepare your meals, you hate to eat outside but hey, how can you prepare everything with such little time.

Of course, there is no time for the gym. When you came home at seven or eight at evening exhausted, how can you go to the gym?

There are so many people like you on earth that if all of you come together and become a nation, it will probably be the second most populated country in the world after China.

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On Finding Trustworthy Fitness Mentors Online


Welcome fellow seeker of a path to a healthy life.

Let me introduce you to yourself.

You are desperately in search of ways to a healthier life and an appealing body that you cannot get enough of watching yourself in front of a mirror.

Back in the days when you were a student, you had a slim body. You were eating whatever you want and you stayed slim. You had plenty of spare time, but you didn’t need to think about health and fitness because you were already fit and feeling full of health.

But now you have grown up. You now have a job and you have responsibilities like most of us (there are some lucky bastards out there who don’t have any, but that does not concern us). What you don’t have is freaking time.

You work from 8 am to 6 pm every day. I know most of you is sitting in front of a computer all day. There is no shame living like that, we all work similarly anymore. We are living the days of computers and internet. This is how it works now.

But the problem is your job constrains you from the movement which is crucial for your body. That’s why we all feel we are losing our health and you feel the same way.

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