On Finding Trustworthy Fitness Mentors Online


Welcome fellow seeker of a path to a healthy life.

Let me introduce you to yourself.

You are desperately in search of ways to a healthier life and an appealing body that you cannot get enough of watching yourself in front of a mirror.

Back in the days when you were a student, you had a slim body. You were eating whatever you want and you stayed slim. You had plenty of spare time, but you didn’t need to think about health and fitness because you were already fit and feeling full of health.

But now you have grown up. You now have a job and you have responsibilities like most of us (there are some lucky bastards out there who don’t have any, but that does not concern us). What you don’t have is freaking time.

You work from 8 am to 6 pm every day. I know most of you is sitting in front of a computer all day. There is no shame living like that, we all work similarly anymore. We are living the days of computers and internet. This is how it works now.

But the problem is your job constrains you from the movement which is crucial for your body. That’s why we all feel we are losing our health and you feel the same way.

You feel that you should do something about it, as days go by.

You are constantly surfing the web looking for some useful fitness information that will help you reach your goals. You are looking for a website that you can trust, know that they will do anything to see you reach your goals and you can find all the information you need.

You wish there is a place online where you can find the ones share the same problems you face, same goals you’d like to reach and help each other.

You wish this community have everything they need: guides on how to start, correct mindset about fitness and a healthy life, how to lose weight in a right way and correct exercises for every member. Workout and dieting plans that are special to every individual and instructions for avoiding any injuries.

You wish that you can be a part of this community and you don’t need to look anywhere about your fitness and health questions.

You don’t want to drown in an ocean of useless information because the internet seems to you like a giant one.

If that is the case for you, I am happy to say that you are in the right place.

That is exactly what we are doing here at NERO Fitness.


Why Is It So Hard to Find Useful and Reliable Fitness Information Online?


The Internet is the biggest thing humanity has ever invented. It has any kind of information beyond our imagination.

The problem is most of this info is garbage and out of sequence. We most of the time need to find reliable information bits and put them in order like a puzzle to get what we want. And it can get very time consuming and annoying sometimes.

And when it comes to the fitness industry there are gazillion websites out there. Maybe you saw some of them. 90% of them will make hilarious promises to you like: six packs in two weeks, lose 40 pounds in one month or how I put on 20 pounds of lean muscle in just three weeks.

Some of these websites are so well polished that they succeed in deceiving you and make you believe such malevolent claims. Do not feel guilty or like a fool, if you once believed those claims, nearly all of us experienced that.

And there are websites whose entire revenue depends on supplement sales. That’s why The US supplement industry is $37 billion, not $12 billion. Those websites are usually the biggest ones.

Supplements are not evil (most of them are garbage, though), but recommending tons of supplements to readers without understanding their health history or goals is.

They are not helping you, they are using your lack of knowledge and enthusiasm about fitness and health, and making tons of money on you. Unfortunately, there are so many sites out there doing this. Because it is easy (and lots of) money.


Why NERO Fitness Exist?


That is why NERO Fitness exists: to keep you from the dark side and lead you to the righteous path.

You need a good mentor to reach your goals. The dark side might be very powerful in Star Wars, but here in the real world, you have no power here.

Those false claims and using an excessive amount of supplements without knowing really what you are doing won’t take you far.

You will (we don’t like I should or I need) educate yourself about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, right kind of dieting, recipes, exercises, workout systems and sleeping.

If you are thinking, no way man I won’t do those things, you are in trouble.

You have to understand that there is no easy way to do this or there is no hacking the system.

You will find tons of information, guides, articles, worksheets, workout and dieting plans here on our website. But you have to take your time to learn all of these.

It will not take hours every day, though, only 30-45 minutes, four or five days a week. If you don’t want to spare even that time every week, I am sorry but no one can help you. And there is no way for you to succeed.

I am not saying all of these to discourage you, I am saying because it is the truth.

Our first and most important job here is to tell you the truth.


What to Do Now?


You can experience our website by starting here. If you are not pleased with it, you can always search for other websites, there are alternatives, as we are an alternative to the other good fitness websites out there.

The wisest thing to do is to subscribe to our email list, it is free. And by subscribing you will get one email each day for the upcoming two weeks. These small and easy to consume emails will tell you what to do each day according to your current condition and goals for a good start.

By subscribing to our email list you will also get a free guide about top 5 bodyweight exercises which are the best for an awesome start. These exercises will prepare your body for future workout routines and they are crucial for a strong muscle foundation.

You will also get one article from our blog every week delivered to your e-mail box.

Thinking all of these are free, it is a no-brainer.

I assure you that apart from the emails I mentioned above, you won’t get any emails. You will not get any emails from us that will try to sell supplements to you. Only the ones that we think will help you reaching your goals.

As you might realize that I started with telling your life story. Because this website is about your life, your dreams, your goals in life and eventually your success stories. If you read our about page, you will see even it is also about you.


Our Community: NERO Fitness Club


Last but not least, if you feel ready after experienced our website and want to be a part of our community, you can visit our members’ section: NERO Fitness Club.

Our club is the core of the website.

You will find everything you need about the mindset to dieting, exercises to workout plans there. All of them specialized to your current condition and goals.

The best part of the club is the interaction with the other members. The power of the community is greater than any of them combined. You will find answers to your every question quickly.

You can find a detailed explanation on the NERO Fitness Club page.

Stick with us, we will continue to tell your story.

To your success.