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Welcome to NERO Fitness.

You are here because you either want to lose weight and get in shape or put on some muscle or just generally be healthier. Whichever your goal is, you are in the right place, we can help you achieve all.

But whatever your goal is, you need to understand how you can best benefit from NERO Fitness. Below you will find all you need to start right now!

What We Do?

We help people reach their fitness goals whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle, becoming stronger, or being in better shape.

How We Do It?

Best way to start is joining our mailing list above. You will get everything you need to start and clear instructions for the first week.

Then you can find our guides below, according to your goals.

Losing Weight 

How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

How Modern Life Makes You Fat In Four Ways

How to Create A Diet That Ensures Weight Lost

5 Things You Can Do In Your Busy Life to Get In Shape Fast

Gaining Muscle

The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercises

Full Body or Split Programs

The Ultimate Protein Supplements Guide


Why We Feel Lost on the Path of Healthy Lifestyle

On Finding Trustworthy Fitness Mentors Online

1. What is NERO Fitness and why does it exist?

NERO Fitness is for people who want permanent and certain results, whether the goal is to lose weight or gain muscle. It is for people who lose their health for whatever reason and want to do something about it.  

You might be surprised to learn that 80 percent of contemporary jobs are sedentary and it is only going to get worse.

We are all losing our health because of our modern jobs. If you are aware of it and want a change, you are in the right place. Everyone deserves a fit, healthy body and this is why NERO Fitness exists.

2. Is it free to use the website or do I have pay to see the content?

Almost all of our content is free and will always be free in the future. This includes extensive and deep blog posts every week, email services and newsletters, some of our e-books and worksheets that we create occasionally for general purposes.

All you have to do subscribe to our email list. It is completely free.

You will get beginner bodyweight exercises e-book, 20-minute healthy recipes e-book, 7-day mini email course and blog posts delivered to your email every week.

If you don’t want to spend anything just yet feel free to use the website anytime. You can learn so much by just reading our free articles.

3. What topics you cover and what content should I expect from NERO Fitness?

We cover pretty much everything about non-competitive fitness goals. You will find articles about fitness, weight loss, nutrition, recipes, mindset, exercises, bodybuilding, strength training, workout plans, etc.

We generally publish one in-depth and top-quality article every week. We choose to publish less but the best quality articles which will genuinely help you.

4. I want faster results, what products do you have?

We are preparing the perfect e-book for beginners, NERO Fitness Starter Phase: Your First Months.

This e-book will be your number one guide for the first months of your fitness journey if this is your first time.

It will cover the right approach to fitness, what you should be doing and eating, basic knowledge about mindset-nutrition-exercises, the mistakes beginners make, some recipes, and your first bodyweight workout program which will prepare your body for future heavy workouts that you can do at your house.

And we have NERO Fitness Club, our flagship course, and community. You can read about it below.

5. What if I want more in depth and organized knowledge according to my goals?

Then I would say we have a perfect product for you. Meet our flagship course and community: NERO Fitness Club.

NERO Fitness Club is our flagship course which is updated monthly. It is a lifelong course and the aim is to educate you in every aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

If you really take the time and energy to successfully finish all the modules and lessons, I guarantee you that you will never need a nutritionist for diet plans or a personal trainer for your workouts which will cost you thousands.

Yeah, that’s right!

If you are following us or reading our blog posts for some time, you already know that “reaching your perfect weight and staying there” is a lifelong process. You simply cannot expect to work out for six months and staying healthy for the rest of your life.

A personal trainer might be handy for getting you started with the right workout plan or a dietitian might prepare you a well-balanced diet but if want to stay healthy and have an appealing body for the rest of your life, you have to learn how to make your own diet and workout plan at some point.

You are going to learn everything you need here.

So, if you feel everything became too complicated for you or you need some extra help on the way you can take a look at the course and join Nero Fitness Club.

For any other questions in your mind, feel free to contact us anytime.

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