About Us (About You Actually)


You always wanted to get started with fitness. You’d like to have, no you’d die to have a fit, healthy and appealing body. But you are working every day eight to six, you come home every evening exhausted.

You always tell yourself you have no time for preparing healthy meals for yourself or going to the gym for a killer workout. Maybe you started countless times before, but it never lasted more than one month. Or maybe this is your first time.

But every time you think about starting again you find yourself again lost in an ocean of endless information. You jump from an article to another, or from one video to another. And it never seems to have an end.

You tried fast methods which only cost you more money with disappointing results. At the end, you just couldn’t lose that 20 pounds, or put on some muscle.

If those are the cases you experienced, you are in the right place now. Relax, take a deep breath and keep reading.

I know these feelings well because I experienced them before. And I know the way out.

Before writing a single word, I have to say this: There is no easy way out if you want a fit body for the rest of your life. Forget about all those thieves claiming that they will help you lose 30 pounds in a month, or give you some magical secret that will guarantee you six packs for the rest of your life.

They don’t care about your success, they just want your money.

If you desire to live a healthy and long life, a body that catches everyone’s eyes, you have to work not very hard but you have to work smart.

And since you don’t have time to mess around, you need to know precisely what you are doing. You have to educate yourself about your body, nutrition, and exercises. You have to learn how to cook for yourself.

I can see your face is becoming pale. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with everything, that’s why we are here.


Why Nero Fitness Exist?


Luckily you have Nero Fitness. If you stick with us, we will always be next to you on your way to your epic fitness tale. If you drop your sword we will kill the enemy which is about to stab you (like in the movies).

We will teach you how to master all the necessary skills as a warrior. We will be your Merlin, as there are a lot of treacherous magicians out there trying to trick you for more power.

That’s why Nero Fitness exist. Here you will find information that will only help you, not tricking you to buy some expensive garbage that you don’t need.

You will find many free guides, blog posts, workout programs, nutrition advice on our website tailored for busy people like you who don’t have much time for fitness.

And if you want more in-depth fitness and nutrition advice or very detailed workout and dieting programs for every body type, you will have a chance to become a member of our Nero Fitness Club. We’re working for the best experience.

But as I have said, our motto is to help as many people as possible even they are our members or not. We only hope to have an impact on you to reach your goals and also make you help the people around you.

So we will always continue to produce lots of free stuff you can use, more than 80% of our content. Club membership will be just your option.

If you subscribe to our email list, you will get lots of advice and blog post updates. We will only send you the stuff that we believe beneficial for you on your journey.

We appreciate the time you spend on us, and because we understand most of you have very small amount of time, we will only send you the most effective, brief and informative guides, posts or texts. And you can unsubscribe any time you want.

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And if you’re not ready just yet, that’s fine too.

We’ll be here for you when you are.

To your success.